Friday, July 22, 2011

Two Glorious Years

I couldn't be happier. These last two years have been full of surprises and good times and bad but I feel so blessed to have Nate in my life. He's my best friend. He loves me unconditionally. He keeps me balanced. I trust him 100%. He is literally my favorite person. Love you Nate...always will.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Secret Pleasures

Tonight I've been thinking about all the weird things I love to do and see. Let's just say I'm not hard to please.

1- Sneaking full sized meals into a movie theatre
-True story. Me and Nate do this all the time. Tonight we went to a movie and enjoyed the delicious taste of Taco Bell. What all was in my purse? 2 tacos, 1 XXL burrito, 1 quesadilla, 2 32 oz. baja blasts. The couple next to us kept looking over every time we pulled something else out of my purse. Try'll love it.

2- Watching awkward teenagers try to walk in high heels
-It's like watching a midget on stilts. They pick up their entire leg to take one step. Sometimes I secretly wish they would fall.

3- You might hate me for this but littering
-I know I know it's awful and I don't do it that much I promise. But there is something so thrilling to me about throwing stuff out my window while I drive. I
think I get it from my brother...we used to have contests of who could throw the most trash out at once.

4-Straight up people watching
-Texas is by far the best place for this...just go to the beach on Sunday or to any gym that teaches zumba. I'm always shocked at how shameless some people are.

I have more but I don't know if I can share them just yet. But if you have any secret pleasures of your own...please share. I could really use the entertainment:)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ITP and More

Anyone ever heard of ITP? Well I haven't and supposedly I have it. I guess I have a low platelet count ( blood cells that allow your blood to clot and help you to heal faster) My count is around 11,000 and normally they should be anywhere from 150,000 to 400,000 so yeah mine suck!That's why I've been getting mysterious bruises and red spots all up and down my legs...way weird and super annoying. But I will be seeing a doctor regularly now to try and regulate the number and get it higher. The only thing is I'm on this medication that is famous for making people gain weight and look chubby (like I don't already have that problem) I promise when the doc told me about the medicine I said these exact words "But I'm already chubby" ha ha I'm such a loser. But I couldn't ask for a better place to put on some extra pounds...Texas has no shame...I mean none. People never stop amazing me with their disgusting bikinis and short short shorts. So what the heck I might as well embrace it if I have to. I'm trying to be as positive as I can but this situation is pretty sucky. I'm moving around and seeing different doctors with the first name Shriham and Rishad...not so comforting. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

I'm not going to lie I'm pretty done with this whole summer thing. I got to come home and spend time with my family and Utah was like a dream come true. The weather, the 4th of July extravaganzas, seeing my fam was just what I needed but now I miss it more. I want nothing more than to be home right now. I just have to be patient...Only six more weeks!!!!

here's a couple pics from the 4th in Utah
gosh I love my family!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Back to Summer

I can't believe it's summer already and we are already in Texas. Surprisingly the weather has been really nice and I'm actually liking it. We live next door to a Gold's gym so I'm hoping I'll feel obligated to go everyday...I doubt it.
Let me tell you some positive things about Corpus Christi and summer sales:
*People are super friendly (I had a lady compliment me on my eyebrows for like a good 15 minutes)
*The weather is very pleasant (right now)
*Our apartment is probably twice the size of the one we had in SLC
*I get to be lazy pretty much everyday
*My skin and hair feel silky smooth already from the humidity
*I have time to read a book
*Even though Nate is gone all day I feel like I get to be a little more independent
*It's kind of a nice break from my weekly routine
*I don't have to get ready everyday because I could ca
re less what people think of me and I'll probably never see them again anyways

That's about all I have to write about now but I'll leave you with this awesome pic I found of Nate in high school.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Can't Sleep Soooo

A little while ago my sister came up with this brilliant idea to
blog about all the jobs she's had. If you know me and my sister you would know we have had some pretty interesting jobs. I don't know why or how but I think it has to do with the fact that we get bored very easily. So it is now 1:45 a.m. and all I could think
about while laying in my bed is all the ridiculous jobs I've had throughout my
here it goes

Yes that's right radio disney. And no this is not Aaron Carter it's Aaron Karr...but we did get to meet Aaron Carter at one of our performances. This actually w
as my first paying "gig" and they actually flew us out somewhere on the east coast and we were hauled around in a hummer and did a performance in the rain for about 4 was awesome!! And he actually was a super good singer/performer.

2- DANCE INSTRUCTOR (always and forever)
I wish I really wore outfits like that to dance...I think I started assistant teaching dance when I was 8 yrs old at my Moms studio....I will always love dance and I will forever miss the years of Applause Dance Center....

When I was going to my first semester of college I did what almost every college student did for a center. I got my friend Becca a job with me so it wouldn't be so bad...but it was. I think I worked for i-satellite for maybe 2 months before I quit.

This had to have been one of the most random jobs I've ever had. When I first moved to Hawaii this old man named Rodney would always come and fix stuff on our rotting house. Well since I didn't have a job at the time I asked him if he had anything for me to do and he said I could paint the porches of several I did. So for $50 a porch I got to paint in my bikini, and work on my tan. BEST JOB EVER;)

This was the best/worst/weirdest/best job I've ever had. It definitely was an experience of a lifetime and not only was I doing what I love but I got to travel and see things I never thought I would.

I will be the fist to tell you I was horrible at this job and I don't know how or why I was hired. But luckily for me I got a love sac for practically nothing and I only had to work there for a little over a month!


After I got home from working on the ship I thought it would be a good idea to work two jobs during the holiday season...wrong. I ended up working one night at express folding clothes and I was over it and quit the next day.

I worked from 10p.m.-6a.m. then drove an hour from waikiki to laie...not smart. I did this job for one week before I wanted to naw my own arm off....nothing but folding clothes for HOURS! It was horrible and I would have to say this was the worst of all my jobs!

This was my view from my cold dusty gift shop at turtle bay. Not bad. I was the only white girl and all the employees were related or had known each other for over a decade...but they were pretty cool and they would buy me food and we would sit behind the cash register and chow down. Not to mention the employee discount on rooms...

I survived last year so hopefully I can do it again...paperwork and licensing really wasn't all that bad once I got the hang of it. I got paid for 40 hrs a week when I was actually working maybe I can't really complain.

Finally!!! I'm at a salon that I love and I'm doing what I love! It's a great feeling!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

3rd Bloody Attempt!

Believe it or not this is my 3rd attempt to post this. I don't know why or how but the blogging world does not like me very much. But I don't really like it. So don't be surprised if this is my last and final post.

This was a while ago but I I have to write about my fun filled weekend because let's face it nothing is ever to exciting in my life at the moment.
You are looking at the entire Vilos family Thanksgiving fest. That's right we were all there plus Aunt B. for the first time in 8 years. Nothing but fun and good food for our Thanksgiving day.
What we do best at the Vilos Family. We eat and we lounge. Thank goodness for Dance Central the first game in the entire world that makes me want to get off my lazy butt and work it out in front of my family and friends.
This is my niece Sara and I love that she is full on giving me a dirty look. I feel like she could beat me up in this get up and not even fill a thing. Gosh I love her.
I've been wanting married pictures for a while so we decided to just go ahead and do them in our living room with the basic back hug and smile for every occasion...not just engagements.
Friday night was the Jazz game. Jazz vs. Lakers and WE BEAT THEM! I promise I'm not a huge fan of sports but you would have never known that at the game.
You would think Nate won the game himself by the way he was acting. There is no doubt in my mind that people were offended by the things he was saying and doing. He was literally breaking a sweat from air punching and kicking the entire game.
After the game our blood was boiling and our fists were pumping and there was nothing we could do about it so we started a dance party...somehow this dance party turned into a dirty night club full of "thugs" and never in my life have I seen "dancing" like that at a night club. Even I was grossed out.
Nate filmed some of the "dancing" but I don't dare post it because I would probably be kicked off the blogging world if I did. But if you are my friend and are curious about what this club has to offer I will show you in the comfort of my home. Or if you have a good imagination think of the worst, nastiest provo party you've been to and add black people and some creative positioning and you've got The Complex night club.

After that night I was completely done...but not really. Sunday we gave talks in church and no I was not prepared and yes I said the words "Welp that pretty much sums it up." in my talk that was maybe 10 minutes long. Let's just say I don't think we will be getting any important callings anytime soon.

By the time the weekend was over and I had caught up on my sleep Monday morning had come and brought A LOT of snow. This was the rare occasion when I actually liked much that I decided to pitch in and shovel. Our neighbors had not shoveled one bit and this was my project for the day...I conquered it.
booya! I hope you think my weekend was as cool as I did because this literally is my 3rd attempt to share it with you. If not...I'm quitting blogs forever! jk...but seriously

Monday, November 22, 2010


Here's some things that have happened in the Hills life since my last post:
*Summer sales ended!
* I landed a job at Garden Day Spa and Salon and I love it
*We finally found a place to live and moved in
*We've been to Ikea at least 18 times in the last month
*Winnie the pooh and Tiger for Halloween
*Only me and 3 other girls out of 18 dressed up for Halloween at work
* San Diego...again. For Nat's b-day!
* Vegas for a night...go kart madness
* freezing our buns off in this winter cold
* Dance Central Game is changing my life....
seriously if you haven't heard or tried this game you need to...I'm pretty sure this is all my family is going to do from now on for entertainment...